Today we are excited to announce Shift Brokers will be sponsoring both Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2024 and the Skyline Invitational 2024.

About The Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2024

Since 2006 Import Alliance has put on some of the largest shows in the southeastern US. Import Alliance returns in 2024 to Atlanta Motor Speedway for their Spring 2024 event. Drifting, Dyno, Car Gallery, Vendors and so much more at this massive 2 day event.

Shift Brokers will be there talking about insurance coverage for just about any kind of enthusiast vehicle.

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2024

Atlanta Motor Speedway
March 23-24, 2024
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

About The Nissan Skyline Invitational 2024

The 4th annual Nissan Skyline Invitational hosted by SpeedGate Motorsports & Countersteer. We are including ALL major Nissan platforms. This includes all models of skylines and GT-R, Z chassis, S chassis, and G/Q chassis cars. We are also including our Exhibition showcase. This will feature any Nissan that may not fit in the main categories (anything such as Sentra SE-R V-spec, Nismo Juke, Pulsar GTI-R, VIP style cars like the Cedric, Gloria, President, etc.)

Car Show – June 14th at Mauldin Park

Track Day – June 15th at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta (with Jzilla Track Days)

Stop by and talk to us at the Nissan Skyline Invitational.  We will be talking about getting agreed value insurance for Skyline and related models.