? Are You A Licensed Insurance Broker? Are You Legit?

We are a fully licensed insurance brokerage based in Atlanta, GA. Shift Brokers is a division of Homefield Equity, Georgia Licensee #227879. We work directly with companies like Hagerty, Grundy, XInsurance, OpenTrack and many more.

? Do You Only Cover Enthusiast Vehicles?

Our focus is on the unique needs of car enthusiasts. Part of those needs is ensuring complete coverage not just for your enthusiast vehicle, but your household as well as other risk mitigation factors like umbrella policies.

? Can I Cover My Project/Modification/Swap?

Shift Brokers can help, particularly with Agreed Value Policies that will ensure coverage for your project, modification, or swap. In fact, with an agreed value policy there is often less hassles with valuation in the event of a loss, because you are agreeing to a coverage value up front. Without the right coverage you may find yourself in a drawn out process to get them covered, even if the event isn't your fault.

? Do I Need An Appraisal?

In most cases an appraisal is not needed for Agreed Value policies. Valuation tools are available that can streamline the process, and in the case of modifications or swaps, documenting the changes is often sufficient.

? Can I Drive My Project?

In most cases, yes! We have a number of companies we work with that not only allow driving but even encourage it. In some cases you can even specify the mileage.

? Can I Get Coverage If It's Not Running or Not Street Driven?

Yes absolutely. Coverage is available for project builds and non-street driven vehicles.

? Do You Underwrite The Insurance?

No we do not. We are a broker who works to match your insurance needs with the right company. We only work with top rated companies.

? What's The Difference Between A Broker And An Agent?

Brokers by license we must put your interests first, which makes us different than agents.

? Do I Need A Private Garage?

Private Garages are not always required. However, for certain high risk vehicles garaging and/or security requirements may exist with certain companies. However, we work with a number of companies, many of whom will take vehicles that are not garaged.

? Is My Parking Deck Considered A Garage?

In many instances storing a car in a condo parking garage, even if it's covered, does not meet insurance companies definition of a "garage". However, there may companies who may still be willing to cover you depending on the risk profile. Fully enclosed parking decks and those with security may provide additional options.

? I'm Only Looking For Insurance For One Of My Vehicles, Can You Help?

Yep, we can help with a single vehicle, a collection or every car in your household.

? I'm WIth A Military Or Government Membership Insurance. No Way You Are Beating My Rates, Right?

You'd be surprised. When it comes to enthusiast and specialty vehicles, those military membership insurance companies may not have the best rates or the best coverage for your needs.

? How Different Can Your Offerings Be From My Coverage With Geico, State Farm or Other Mainstream Provider

Very different. Most of these companies only offer ACV (Actual Cash Value) policies. Even if they offer "stated" value policies, those do not guarantee or ensure you agree to the value of the vehicle up front. They also may not have the best rates available on your specialty vehicle.

? Are Stated Value And Agreed Value The Same?

No! Stated Value allows you to state the value, but you may still need to prove the value of vehicle and any modifications. With Agreed Value, you and the insurance company agree up front to the value.