Comprehensive+ Limited Trailer And Paddock

Protection For Your Race Or Track Car When Not On Track

  • Theft And Fire In Storage

  • Protection When On Trailer Going To Events

  • Spare Parts And Tools Coverage Available

  • Overnight And Hotel Parking Lot

  • Agreed Value

  • Low Rates (as little $100/year)

  • Ability To Keep Totaled Vehicle

Have piece of mind your investment in your race or track car is protected when in storage or when traveling to an event, even overnight at hotels.  Coverage can include the trailer, spare parts and even tools.  Shift Brokers and our carrier partners can help protect your racecar investment in a variety of situations.  Don’t leave it to chance.

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Featured Companies

Shift Brokers works with a variety of carriers who will cover race and track cars with Trailer and Paddock insurance.  We have options to protect your racecar investment under a variety of conditions.

Some coverages described here are optional or may not be offered in all conditions and some all carriers.  Storage or risk limitations of acceptance may apply, and vary by carrier.  Please contact us for more details and eligibility requirements.  No policy or coverage described here implies coverage while on track.