Why An Umbrella Policy


For When Your Existing Insurance May Not Be Enough

Although your home and standard auto policies offer some coverage for liability, what happens if the amount isn’t enough to pay a claim against you? Umbrella policies are often inexpensive and offer 1 million dollars (or more) in excess coverage for qualifying instances in which your home and/or auto policies may not be enough.

Umbrella Polices through Shift Brokers are simple and easy. They don't require all of your cars to be insured through a single carrier.

  • Works With Your Existing Insurance

    Coverage works with your policies, even if they are with separate companies

  • Provides Protection For Your Assets

    Help protect your assets with coverage beyond traditional home, auto and other insurance coverages.

  • Coverage For What Matters Most

    Help protect your entire household from financial loss.

  • Quotes In Minutes

    Get your quote within minutes in most cases.

More Flexible Coverage Than Your Traditional Bundled Umbrella


Our Umbrella Policies Won't Hold You Back

  • Take Advantage Of Enthusiast And Collector Policies

  • Works With Your Traditional Home And Auto Insurance

  • $1M-$10M In Coverages

  • Coverage Even With Business Auto Or Trusts

  • Umbrella + Enthusiast Insurance Is Often Less Than Your Bundled Discount

  • Isn't Limited By Bundling - Take Advantage Of The Best Policies

  • Optional Umbrella coverage with increasing auto coverage limits