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Georgia Title Bonds Through Shift Brokers

  • Simple premiums, as low as $100*

  • Fast Underwriting In Most Cases

  • Straight Forward Applications

  • Starting $10 per $1000, minimum of $100

  • Authorized For Title Bonds In Georgia

  • Complete Paperwork Package Digitally Delivered

  • Perfect For Rare And Hard To Find Enthusiast Vehicles

  • Local Insurance Agent Licensed In Georgia

Fast Application, Quote and Transaction

Get A Georgia Title Bond Online

Get an online quote with your application, make payment and get a Georgia Title Bond within hours thanks to our streamlined process.

Flat, easy to understand premiums mean you can get bonds quickly.

  • Starting At Just $100*

    Bonds start at Just $100. Premiums start at $10 of $1,000 of bond amount*

  • Digital Delivery Of Bond Documentations

    Digital Delivery Of Bond Documentation

  • No Hidden Markup Or Additional Fees

    You pay just the bond premium, with no hidden markups or fees.

  • Get Bonds Quickly

    Our underwriting partners can approve many bonds within a day, and process most bonds in 1-2 days.

Application, Quote and Payment Online

Get A Georgia Title Bond


* Premium estimates are based on the amount of the bond, with a minimum of $100.  Starting at amounts are not guarantees of premium prices.  Actual bond premium may vary based on application and underwriting.  

Georgia Title Bond Frequently Asked Questions

? What Bond Amount Do I Need?

The bond amount must be two (2) times the state assessed value of the vehicle, but not less than $5,000. You can call the DMV at 1-855-406-5221 with the VIN and request the bond amount.

? Will I Get My Bond Instantly?

Most bonds under $25,000 qualify for express underwriting and can be approved in a matter of hours with your online payment.

? What's The Maximum Bond Amount?

We can help you with a Title Bond of nearly any size, however this process is designed for bonds up to 50,000. If you need a larger bond, please contact us to discuss your needs.

? Are Your Authorized To Sell Georgia Title Bonds?

Yes! We are licensed insurance agency in Georgia and the bond underwriters are authorized to do business in, and specifically authorized to offer Title Bonds in Georgia.

? How Much Is A Title Bond

Our title bonds premiums are as low as $10 per $1000 of the bond amount, with a minimum of $100.

? Can I Get A Refund?

Once a Binding for the Title Bond is generated there are no refunds. Please ensure all of your information is accurate. In the event a binding cannot be issued, a full refund will be processed.

? What Else Do I Need To Get A Title?

A Title Bond is just one piece of one step of getting a bonded title in Georgia. We've got a complete blog post that outlines the entire process. Buying A Car Without A Title In Georgia. Note that our blog posts are for information purposes only and not intended to be legal, financial or insurance advice.

? What Vehicles Qualify

Our bonds are valid for a number of different Title Bond needs, but are primarily intended for those seeking a bond for a lost title. Please contact the state department of motor vehicles for details on what qualifies for your specific situation BEFORE purchasing a Title Bond.

? Can I/Do I Need To Renewal My Title Bond?

Title Bonds do not renew. They are valid for 4 years from the date of binding.

? How Is My Bond Delivered?

Your Title Bond will be delivered digitally. You will still need to print, sign and notarize the bond documents.

? Why Do Car Enthusiasts Need A Title Bond?

Rare, collectable or special interest cars - whether relatively new or old, sometimes may be owned by people who have held on to them for a long time. Over time, titles can get lost. Getting a Bonded Title is a great way to resolve a missing Title legally.

? Do I Have To BE A Car Enthusiast To Get A Bonded Title Or Buy From Shift Brokers?

While we specialize in insurance for car enthusiasts, any legal resident in Georgia can buy a bond from us for a car they legally own.

? Do You Only Sell Bonds In Georgia/To Georgia Residents?

Yes, at this time we only offer Bonds in Georgia.

? Can A Get A Title Bond For a Trailer, RV Or Other Title Required Vehicle?

Yes, Shift Brokers bonds can be used for trailers (including car haulers), RVs or other title required vehicles. We recommend confirm with the Georgia DMV your bond value and requirement before buying a title bond. Note we do not recommend title bonds for title optional vehicles, including trailers 2000 lbs or less unless directed to do so by the DMV. Mobile homes and abandoned vehicles, trailers or other titled vehicles are generally not allowed.

Disclaimers And Underwriting Information

Estimated premiums and quotes are subject to change based on your application.  Payments submitted are done so based on estimated quotes, and all payments will be applied to the actual premium.

Nothing in this document or application process should be considered a guarantee of coverage or acceptance of an application.  Shift Brokers Georgia Title Bond products are underwritten by United Casualty And Surety Insurance Company.  In the event Shift Brokers is unable to obtain a bond through United Casualty, additional options may be presented.  Additional application information and a change in quote or premium may be required.


Quotes and services described are for Georgia authorized Motor Vehicle Title Surety Bonds only.  Shift Brokers is not providing legal advice or other services related to the titling process.  Please visit our blog or the state of Georgia for more information about the titling process and conditions in Georgia.

All quotes are no obligation.  We never sell your information to third parties. and only provide as part of quoting underwriting and selling insurance.   See our privacy policy for more details.  Third parties may have their own privacy policies and conditions.

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At Shift Brokers, we understand why car enthusiasts have regular needs for surety bonds.  Classic and modern collector cars, barn finds and rare vehicles can sometimes need title remediation.  With our express bond offerings, we can help get you the title bond you need quickly.

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Shift Brokers specializes in helping car enthusiasts find the right insurance – for the the street, while on track, for show and everything between. Plus, we’re car and track people ourselves. We’ve combined our passion and our expertise so that you can get insurance from people who really understand the emotional and financial value of the car you’re trying to protect.

We can help you proactively get the right coverage and valuation for your enthusiast vehicle. We work nearly a dozen enthusiast focused insurance carriers, including Hagerty, OpenTrack, American Modern and more. We can also help with valuation and policy changes even if you are not up for renewal.

Shift Brokers is based in Atlanta, GA.  We are an independent insurance brokerage focused on the unique needs of car enthusiasts.  Policies described are offered and underwritten by insurance providers we work with.  Coverage is not guaranteed and not all drivers or cars will qualify.  Quotes are estimates and subject to change.