From Track Day Insurance To Full Coverage, and everything in between.

Protection For Your Dedicated Track Car On And Off Track

  • On Track With Track Day Insurance

  • Off Track Full Coverage For Street Legal Cars

  • Coverage For Modifications and Safety Gear Too

Have piece of mind your investment in your track car is protected on track or off track, including all of the money you’ve investment in upgrades, modification and safety equipment.

Insurance For The Street Legal Track Cars

Street Driven Track Car

Own a street legal track car that needs insurance? Shift Brokers has access to options for dedicated race, track, drift or drag cars that need insurance in Georgia.

  • Liability Only To Full Coverage

    Options from liability only to full, agreed value coverage.

  • Save Money, Get Better Coverage

    Save money and get better coverage vs liability only insurance from most mainstream carriers

  • Designed For Track Cars

    Insurance from companies that support amateur racers and track enthusiasts.

  • Keep The Car If Totaled

    Keep the car if its ever totaled, rebuild it or use it for parts.

Not every insurance carrier will accept your street driven track car.  And even if they, chances are they won’t give you the value needed to truly replace the car.  So skip the games and let Shift Brokers help place your track car with an insurance carrier that specializes in insuring them.

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Insurance For On Track

On Track Coverage For Dedicated Track Cars

Track day insurance - by the day, by the event or by the year - is perfect for those who track day higher value dedicated track cars or are instructors. Optional liability coverage protects not just your car, but liability from track damage and other claims.

  • Track Day Insurance

    On Track Policies By The Day, Event Or Year

  • True Replacement Value

    True replacement value covers the car, modifications and more

  • Designed For Dedicated Track Cars

    Insurance from companies that support amateur racers, drifters and dedicated track cars.

  • Keep The Car If Totaled

    Keep the car if its ever totaled, rebuild it or use it for parts.

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Modification Details

Some track day insurance providers vary their premiums based on the value of modifications. Please provide the estimated value of the mods.

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About Shift Brokers

Shift Brokers specializes in helping car enthusiasts find the right insurance – for the the street, while on track, for show and everything between. Plus, we’re car and track people ourselves. We’ve combined our passion and our expertise so that you can get insurance from people who really understand the emotional and financial value of the car you’re trying to protect.

We can help you proactively get the right coverage and valuation for your enthusiast vehicle. We work nearly a dozen enthusiast focused insurance carriers, including Hagerty, OpenTrack, American Modern and more. We can also help with valuation and policy changes even if you are not up for renewal.

Shift Brokers is based in Atlanta, GA.  We are an independent insurance brokerage focused on the unique needs of car enthusiasts.  Policies described are offered and underwritten by insurance providers we work with.  Coverage is not guaranteed and not all drivers or cars will qualify.  Quotes are estimates and subject to change.