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Traditional insurance companies may not even know what your car is. They are highly unlikely to give you the proper valuation for it. With Shift Brokers you may be able to save money and get better coverage by moving to a car policy that specifically understands JDM imports and their values. We can help guide you through the process so its easy. We can even help with gray market imports.

  • Insurance Specifically For JDM Imports

    Quotes from companies that specifically understand and value JDM import business.

  • Often Less Than Traditional Insurance

    We may be able to save you more than the multi-car discount you are getting from your existing insurance carrier.

  • Get True Replacement Value

    We understand that valuing a JDM import isn't like valuing other cars. We guide you through the process to get the right value.

  • Maximize Value and Save Money

    Get the right balance of the best coverage for the lowest premium.

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We Specialize In Insurance For JDM And Other Imported Cars

  • This Is All We Do

  • Local Atlanta Based Insurance Agents

  • We Work With Multiple Top Rated Companies

  • Ensuring Your Car Covered Properly

  • With No Additional Markups

  • Work with carriers who specifically know JDM cars

  • Gray market imports too

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About Car Insurance For JDM Imports

Most traditional insurance probably don’t even know what a JDM import is, much less how to value one.  This often means high policy rates if you can even get them to cover it.  And if there ever is a loss, don’t’ expect them to understand the valuation of an imported car. We work with companies that specifically understand JDM imports, their value and coverage.  So stop wasting your time and money insurance from your traditional car insurance company.  Start a quote today and let us get to work checking the coverage options available to you.  The best part is, we do all of the work.

About Shift Brokers

Shift Brokers works with multiple car enthusiast focused and friendly companies who offer JDM Import policies.  We can also help you review your existing policy to determine if you might be better served with a different company or policy type.   Unlike other insurance brokers, we know cars because we’re car enthusiasts ourselves.  Plus, as a broker – we represent you and work with many different companies.

Shift Brokers based in Atlanta, GA.  We are an independent insurance brokerage focused on the unique needs of car enthusiasts.  Policies described are offered and underwritten by insurance providers we work with.  Not all drivers or cars will qualify.