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Why You Need Track Day Insurance


Typical Insurance Policies Don't Cover Track Days

Not only does you existing policy not likely cover you, but buying track day insurance online or from a traditional agent may leave you high and dry. Some track day policies may not cover everything, like damage to the track. At Shift Brokers, we are car enthusiasts. We know what you need because we spend our weekends doing it too.

  • Most Auto Policies Don't Cover Track Days

    Most typical auto policies don't cover on track incidents.

  • You Are Responsible For Damages

    You regular auto policy and some track day insurance policies may not cover damage done to the track.

  • More than just a make, model, year

    You love you car. In the unfortunate even somethings happens, we want to help you have the right coverage.

  • Quotes And Reviews Are A Snap

    We can quickly and easily review your your needs to help you get the right policy or enhancement.

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Insurance TIps For Car Enthusiasts

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