Get Year Around Coverage For The Track

Why Annual Track Day Insurance?

  • Coverage for all your HPDE or track days during the year

  • Perfect for driving club members, instructors and private coaches

  • 110+ covered tracks

  • Single premium covers you all year no matter how often you track

  • Lower deductible than typical single day coverage

  • Coverage for multiples drivers and cars

  • Liability coverage available

  • Pays for itself in 8 or so track days

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Why You Should Consider Annual Coverage

Typical Track Day Insurance Policies Don't Cover You All Year

If you attend enough track days to consider annual insurance, you likely already know that your regular car insurance doesn't cover you on the track. However, even track day insurance can be limiting. It only covers specific days and a single vehicle. With annual track day insurance you can have coverage all year long for all the cars you track. There are even options such as liability coverage to protect your assets, or for track damage and even multi-driver options.

Whether you are just a track day pro, or an instructor who routinely drives their personal vehicle on track to take advantage of the available course time, we can help.

  • Coverage All Year

    Coverage all year with 110+ covered tracks, unlimited cars and unlimited drivers*

  • Pays For Itself In 8-10 Track Days

    If you attend 8 or more track days and buy track day insurance your annual policy could save you money.

  • Coverage For Instructors With Optional Liability

    Perfect for instructors and private coaches. Covers you in unlimited vehicles with optional liability insurance.

  • Quotes In Minutes

    Get your quote within minutes in most cases.

Perfect For Instructors and Private Coaches

Coverage For HPDE & Track Day Instructors

Annual track day insurance can provide coverage for HPDE and track day instructors, as well as private coaches.  With optional liability coverage up to 2 million dollars, you can have piece of mind knowing when you are behind the wheel, have passengers or even side seating with the option to cover all of your cars and add additional drivers.

Don’t go out on track without ensuring you are covered.