We’ve recently been sponsoring a number of track day events, and with that comes a lot of requests for quotes for track day insurance. It also comes with a number of questions about track day insurance. We’ve complied a list of some of our favorites. Questions are from actual customers and prospects, though they may have been paraphrased.

We sell insurance from multiple track day insurance companies, and each has slight variations. Also, with blog posts like this, the information should be taken as general advice, not as specific suggestions. If you want to discuss your policy, or a specific policy is detail, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you, even if you didn’t buy your policy from us.

So, let’s get to it. Here are some of our favorite questions and our answers about track day insurance.

Q: Is Fire Covered By Track Day Insurance?

A: This was a great question! While it may vary by policy, most policies we’ve reviewed indicate any kind of damage and it’s impact should be covered, as long as it’s caused by a collision. However, fire caused by mechanical failure (or non-collision) would not be covered.

So if oil leaks all over your engine, catches fire – not covered. Get hit and a fire starts, likely would be covered. Obviously, check your policy for specific language.

Q: Is Towing Covered By Track Day Insurance?

A: While this is definitely not universal, we were impressed to see that some track day insurance policies provide towing coverage in the event your car is undriveable. One company offers up to $10,000 in towing, meaning even if you were at an out of town track day you may be able to get back home, or a shop of your choice, without paying anything additional.

Of course, the specific terms are going to vary based on the policy.

Q: Is Track Damage Covered By Track Day Insurance?

A: Almost every track day event starts with a drivers meeting, and most remind you that you are responsible for any damage you do to the track. In fact, many make a point of telling you they’ll ask you to pay before you leave if you hit something. Damage to the wall, tire barriers and even re-grading the grounds just for going off track could all be considered track damage.

The vast majority of track day insurance explicitly excludes any form of property damage, including to the track. However, there are some options for obtaining liability insurance, which will generally cover track damage.

Q: Am I Liable For Damage To Someone Else’s Vehicle?

A: This one is definitely murky. The standard thinking is that everyone accepts their own risk at events like this. And there is some truth to that. Most regular car insurance companies will likely decline to get involved in incidents on track because they are generally not covered.

However, when injury or substantial loss of property happens, just because the insurance companies won’t get involved or there were waivers signed, doesn’t mean that someone won’t try to claim damages. Of course, this isn’t legal advice whether any case has merit. What we can tell you is that the majority of track day insurance policies are not going to cover claims made by other parties.

Also, as we mention above when discussing paying for track damage – liabilities can include damage to track vehicles. Without specific liability coverage, that would not, in most cases, be covered.

Q: Do The Deductibles Work Like My Normal Car Insurance?

A: Nearly every track day policy includes a deductible, which works just like the deductible on your regular car insurance. Track day deductibles are typically 10%, though there are options for higher, usually to 15%, which can be used to lower the premium. The lowest we’ve seen is with annual track day insurance policies that go down to 5%.

When buying track day insurance though, if you are buying it expecting it to cover a bent control arm or wheel, you will need to factor in the deductible. Depending on the value of the car, smaller claims may mean you are still shouldering a lot of, if not all of, the financial burden.


Our goal isn’t to talk you into or out of track day insurance. Rather, what we hope to do is provide some things to consider if you are on the fence, or even leaning one way or another.

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