Specialty Insurance For Car Enthusiasts

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We're Atlanta's only insurance agent that focuses on car enthusiasts.


Owners of super and exotic cars want to know their insurance company values what they have, and will give them the care they need if they ever need.

Collector Cars

When you have a unique car that has become a collectible, regardless of year, you need coverage that reflects the car's true value. We can help you get the coverage it deserves.

Modified Cars

When you have significant performance upgrades, visual customizations, functional modifications (i.e. lowriders), or a specialty high powered car.

Track Day/HPDE

Cover your car during track days, high performance driving events and other activities that may be excluded from your other policy.

JDM/Imported Cars

Specialty insurance for JDM and other imported cars.

Project Cars

Speciality coverage for long term project, restoration or rarely/never driven cars.

Show Cars

Insurance options for highly customized show cars.

Car Enthusiasts

We can help nearly every type of car enthusiasts ensure they have the coverage they need on their car.

Insurance For Car Enthusiasts

We understand what it's like to try insure your car as an enthusiast, because we're car enthusiasts too.

Traditional agents often don't understand the unique needs of car enthusiasts, if they will even try to help. Shift Brokers can find solutions for nearly any kind of car enthusiast and in most situations. We can guide you to ensure you get the right coverage. Plus, we're based right here in Atlanta.

  • Unique Policies

    Policies specifically designed for car enthusiasts

  • Fast & easy quotes

    We try to make the quoting process simple and straight forward.

  • More than just a make, model, year

    We understand your unique situation from car show to collectible, track to supercar.

  • Maximize Coverage and Value

    We can help you maximize your coverage and value by pairing you with the right policy.

Why Shift Brokers?

We Work For You, Not The Insurance Companies

  • We're right here in Atlanta

  • We represent you, not the insurance companies.

  • Work with multiple companies

  • We are car enthusiasts

  • We work to understand your specific needs