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Shift Brokers Offers These And More With Hagerty

Types Of Coverage

Collector Cars

When your car is too unique to be valued traditionally. We can help your unique, one off or specialty car get the coverage it deserves.

Track Day/HPDE

Cover your car during track days, high performance driving events and other activities that may excluded from your other policy.

Modified Cars

When you have significant performance upgrades, visual customizations, functional modifications (i.e. lowriders), or specialty high powered car.


Owners of super and hyper cars want to know their insurance company values what they have, and will give them the care they need if they ever need.

JDM/Imported Cars

Specialty insurance for JDM and other imported cars.

Project Cars

Speciality coverage for long term project, restoration or rarely/never driven cars.

Show Cars

Insurance options for highly customized show cars.


Hagerty has additional cover and policy types.

About Hagerty


Hagerty has a full line of policies and offerings that align with the needs of car enthusiasts. This lineup of offerings includes, but may not be limited to: Track Day Insurance, Collector Car, Newer (1980 and later) Collectible Insurance, Race Cars and much, much more.

In addition Hagerty also specializes in Guaranteed Value claim offerings. Policies like these help take the unknowns out of loss situations by establishing a valuation at the inception of the policy, rather than at the time of an incident.

Hagerty’s offering don’t end there. They also have unique coverage options such as policies that cover spare parts, car shows and other unique situations car enthusiasts may find themselves in.

About Shift Brokers


Shift Brokers specializes in helping car enthusiasts find the right insurance – for the the street, while on track, for show and everything between. Plus, we’re car and track people ourselves. We’ve combined our passion and our expertise so that you can get insurance from people who really understand the emotional and financial value of the car you’re trying to protect.  We can help you proactively get the right coverage and valuation for your enthusiast vehicle.  We can also help with valuation and policy changes even if you are not up for renewal.


Shift Brokers is based in Atlanta, GA.  We are an independent insurance brokerage focused on the unique needs of car enthusiasts.  Policies described are offered and underwritten by insurance providers we work with.  Coverage is not guaranteed and not all drivers or cars will qualify.  Quotes are estimates and subject to change.