Shift Brokers Proudly Offers

Grundy Insurance

Shift Brokers is the only Grundy agent in Atlanta that specializes in car enthusiasts.  We understand the unique needs of enthusiasts, collectors and car people because we are enthusiasts ourselves.  And it’s all we do.

Grundy Insurance, founded in 1947, literally  invented Agreed Value Insurance.  They did so specifically to protect their founders father-in-law’s antique automobile collection.  Today they are a leading insurance company for car enthusiasts leveraging the Agreed Value concept.

Grundy Insurance has a number of different policies and offerings that align with the needs of car enthusiasts

While they specialize in collectors car insurance, they offer competitive rates on super cars, collector cars, RVs and so much more.

Shift Brokers Offers These And More With Grundy Insurance

Types Of Coverage

Collector Cars

When your car is too unique to be valued traditionally. We can help your unique, one off or specialty car get the coverage it deserves.


Owners of super and hyper cars want to know their insurance company values what they have, and will give them the care they need if they ever need.

Project Cars

Speciality coverage for long term project, restoration or rarely/never driven cars.

Show Cars

Insurance options for highly customized show cars.


Hagerty has additional cover and policy types.

Shift Brokers Offers These And More With Grundy Insurance

Policy Types

Agreed Value Policies

Some vehicles don't depreciate, they grow in value. Don't leave that to change with your insurance company.We can help you review or make adjustments to ensure you've got the right coverage.

Modified Car

When you have significant performance upgrades, visual customizations, functional modifications (i.e. lowriders), or specialty high powered car.

Semi-Daily Drivers

Cover your exotic, collector or specialty car even if you drive it regularly on the street.

Low Mileage/Non-Driving

For rarely driven or long term project car coverage.