Will Modifications Cause My Insurance To Be Canceled?

Modifications can absolutely cause your insurance to be canceled. A great example would be a lifted truck. Lifting a truck raises the center of gravity and may make the vehicle more likely to flip during an evasive maneuver.  Traditional insurance companies and policies see this as a higher risk and will often times drop a customer if they find out the vehicle’s ride height has been altered.  This isn’t as common for lowering a car but it could still fit within the definitions of changing the vehicles ride height and not meeting required bumper height laws.

Another example of modifications that will get the attention of an insurance company is obvious racing modifications.  Think roll cages, harnesses, drag parachutes, large rear slicks, blowers sticking out of the hood.  A majority of the people that work for insurance companies are not car savvy but they will catch obvious things and assume the car is used for racing. 

Will Modifications Cause My Insurance To Be Canceled?

If you are with an insurance policy or carrier that is not modification friendly, and these modifications are found, it would be grounds for cancellation or your claim to be denied. The intent of most insurance companies is to not insure vehicles being modified for performance driving. Now, it is possible, sometimes even typical, that just because you have modified the vehicle, it does not mean your claim will be instantly denied.  In my experience when a loss occurs, claims will pay the loss but will then advise underwriting that the vehicle was modified in such a way that may have contributed to the loss.  At that point it will be up to underwriting to determine if they continue with the policy or cancel the risk.

Get The Right Insurance For Your Modified Car

When shopping for insurance, it is best to work with an insurance agent or broker who can put you with a policy and/or company that will work with modifications you have or intend to have on your vehicle. Shift Brokers recently spoke with underwriter at a national automotive insurance company: “Not all insurance companies are modification friendly.  You want to be careful which insurance company your agent puts you with as certain types of modifications can make you ineligible or cause coverage to be denied.”

At Shift Brokers we can help you find the right insurance policy as a car enthusiast. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can pair you with the right solution for your car.

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Shift Brokers is car insurance for car enthusiasts. We can help you not only navigate insurance rules and policies. And because we are car enthusiasts and specialize in policies for car enthusiasts, we can help you navigate the unique needs and situations only car enthusiasts find themselves in. The best part is, because we are brokers, we represent you, not the insurance companies.

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