If you are looking for an appraisal for your collector, high value, rare, unique or specialty car, below are a list of directories and resources you can use to find a certified appraiser. Shift Brokers recommends you only work with a certified appraiser who is familiar with appraisals for your type of vehicle in your specific situation of need.

We also don’t recommend reaching out to an appraiser until you truly know you need one. For most agreed value policies you won’t need an appraisal unless it is particularly high value or there is a unique situation where your insurance company requires one.

Directory Of Certified Appraisers In Georgia

The American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers – Georgia

ASCAA is an organization dedicated solely to the Auto Appraising Industry. Their approach is to make sure all auto appraisals in America adhere to the Society’s Standards, Ethics, Quality and Methodology.
ASCAA certified appraisers are experts. They are required to go through their meticulous ASCAA certification process ensures that ASCAA-certified appraisers are accurate, impartial, and credible. They deliver independent valuations that assure automobiles are appraised at its fair market value.

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International Automotive Appraisers Association – Georgia

The IAAA has a strict Code of Ethics and the Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedure (USAAP). They are a first in the automotive appraisal industry, in that they are specific & unique to the community that IAAA automotive appraisers serve.

The Association members are represented and identified on the advisory board of the J.D. Power N.A.D.A. Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car Appraisal Guide. IAAA appraisals have specifically been used as a determining factor by Judge’s in cases. While there is no guarantee that will happen in every circumstance, it says a lot about the quality of methodology.

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Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers/IACP Certified in Georgia

Our Certified Auto Appraisers have experience appraising fine automobiles as featured in Hemmings Motor News, Barret-Jackson Auction Company, Mecum Auction Company, RM Auctions, Russo and Steele, & Worldwide Auctioneers. BCAA/IACP appraisers work on antique, vintage, classic, and modern cars. They have been used for insurance, court ordered appraisals, loans and investments.

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Independent Auto Damage Appraisers Association

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We should note that these organizations have their own methodology and certification process. The information below about each organization was furnished by the organization and shouldn’t be considered a review or endorsement.

The resources above are provided for informational purposes only. Shift Brokers does not endorse any specific appraiser or appraisal/adjuster organization.

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