There are companies that cover full custom cars, particularly aimed at antiques, collectible or show cars. These policies generally have the following two conditions #1, The modifications you’ve done to your car are VALUED at over $10,000 and #2, The vehicle is no longer driven on the street. These policies generally only insures vehicles with “use consistent with a car collector”. They say they’ll cover your car “to and from the track, but not on it”. These policies are generally known as agreed value policy to cover the money you’ve put into your project, but be aware they will want to validate it isn’t driven on the street and that every driver in the household has a different vehicle to drive daily.

For project cars there are specific coverages for potentially available. These policies for project cars are generally add on policies that cover the car while it’s “under construction”. They can also offer coverage for tools and extra parts that haven’t been installed yet, coverage for any special memorabilia you own, and even offer amendments/endorsement that allows you the ability to keep the damaged carcass of your vehicle in the event of a total loss.

If you do drive your project on the street, you still have options. There are some specialty companies that offer coverage to street driven race cars. While with this kind of specialty insurance there aren’t a ton of choices, but Shift Brokers specializing in helping car enthusiasts find these kind of policies.

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Shift Brokers is car insurance for car enthusiasts. We can help you not only navigate insurance rules and policies. And because we are car enthusiasts and specialize in policies for car enthusiasts, we can help you navigate the unique needs and situations only car enthusiasts find themselves in. The best part is, because we are brokers, we represent you, not the insurance companies.

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