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Protecting your Porsche isn't like insuring other cars, even if it is one you drive every day. Shift Brokers can help you get insurance from a highly rated company that will agree to the right value, will cover repairs so it is done properly and maximize the value you get for what you pay. In many cases, it may even save you money.

Why? Because it's what we do. Insurance for car enthusiasts is ALL we do.

  • Quotes From Multiple Highly Rated Companies

    Quotes from multiple companies, where applicable.

  • No Hidden Markup Or Additional Fees

    Never pay any additional fees or markup on these types of policies.

  • Get True Replacement Value

    Know you'll get true replacement value in event of a loss.

  • Maximize Value and Save Money

    Get the most for your money from your insurance.

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  • We Only Do Insurance For Enthusiast Vehicle Owners

  • We Work With Multiple Companies

  • Appreciating, Collectible And Modified Porsches Too

  • Save More By Insuring All Your Vehicles

  • Ensuring Your Car Covered Properly

  • The Best Coverage With No Additional Markups

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